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My story is long, and it will not be finished today or tomorrow as It has not ended as of yet, but I wish to share my knowledge and experience with you the people. I am starting my fundraising campaign today and I hope you will join my cause, I need your help. While I have not uploaded all of the materials as of, yet I promise that information will be updated daily. I have about 1,000 pages, videos, VM ready to go but I can’t wait any longer as my financial situation is becoming more and  

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019 – Note: I had a court date on June 11th I was unable to attend due to my financial situation. I assumed by now that someone in law enforcement would listen to me and do their jobs, I was mistaken. I am at my parents’ home in Maine and the NYC Civil Court Judge and or his staff will not take my calls. On my first call, I was told I had the wrong NUMBER and was hung up on! Any further calls result in them not answering so I have no idea, nor do I have a lawyer anymore This leaves me in complete darkness.

Number I was given and has been verified – 646-386-3743

My Fears

1 ) I fear the court as on my first time meeting the Civil Court Judge on November 1st, 2018 when I asked why he would do nothing about the hacking and cybercrimes still happening? That the court had received Documents proving without a doubt that Jake Porter was spying manipulating stalking me and more and Judge _____ replied by asking if I had been in a mental facility, then continued that cybercrimes had nothing to do with why we were in court.

2) I fear the NYPD who refuses to take any police reports from me whatsoever, but they stand ready to arrest me for any reason at all, not believing me or doing their jobs. They have shown me that they can flex their muscles on me and it works. They have also threatened and made fun of me asking if green aliens were going to pick me up or if they had to take me to Bellevue Hospital, this was outside my prescient the police would not even let me in the door.

See More Details in my Timeline below concerning NYPD and more…

3) What I fear most is Jake Porter, this sounds odd since I was never afraid of him during the more than 13 years we lived together but to see what he has been able to do to me. The way he has been able to manipulate others painting me like some horrible person, get me arrested, leave me and my family penniless, trying to throw us out to the street, not allowing me to work for a living or earn monies due to the constant monitoring, spying, hacking, stalking and the FACT that no one will do anything about this.
It scares me to even write this out, my computers have been locked, closed down when I walk away from the computer. It's even scarier when I am sitting right in front of it. Jake has no fear as he knows people just think I am crazy because he continuously says it and reports lies that can in no way be proven. Yes, I am paranoid anyone with this much hate and greed frightens me, I do believe he wants me dead but would be even happier if I were in jail suffering forever.

Here is a set of handwritten notes by Jake Porter that was found in one of our apartments he dated September 9th  -They were found in January 2016. They match up with an email I found in December 2015. There are also another few pages I found hidden around our apartment in places almost as if I walked in at the wrong moment and he quickly shoved them somewhere and forgot or perhaps wanted me to find. The handwriting is not hard to match. 
See Handwriting Gallery

Timeline Information:I've been a productive member of society running my small business from 2003 -2016 creating jobs promoting travel informing consumers supporting my parents helping out family and friends publishing a variety of magazine titles that engaged the public. With this portal, I was able to raise over $600k for children charities and over $100k for AMFAR charity. This is something I'm very passionate about and always look forward to it; although it was never an easy task, usually overworked, sometimes losing revenue, sleep – but how could I ever complain!  It remains my most rewarding uplifting deed with an almost superhero satisfaction.All of this came to a screaming halt in August 2015, where I  can now prove  without any doubt That Jake Porter and his accomplices have successfully stolen every dime that I had, they further conspired to be sure (again I have the documents) to get an order of protection against me, turn the authorities against me and frame me for a criminal crime. While they continue to get orders of protection against me, making my character look bad, I only missed 1 court date and was slammed with an order of protection not to exceed 1 year, this never should happen since it was a simple phone call and was out of the New York Jurisdiction.
That my attorneys Gordon & Gordon assured me they would be there and I was not to appear (they always told me I was not to attend court hearings). Gordon & Gordon acted in many unethical (possibly bribery) but indeed illegal actions. Jake has the court's district attorney and NYPD on their side they have been successful in making me a criminal and everyone will not allow me a single word!

2014: Premier Traveler Was a big hit with our clients and winning many accolades and awards. Jake Porter and (Adam Rodriguez) myself were still traveling the world many times over. Mid-year I started getting sick with different symptoms, nothing serious in my opinion but it is worth noting. I did not cancel any trips or anything like that as I was always able to push thru and get my work done.
I also notice Jake had become very aggressive toward me, at the time I remember thinking it was because I was working so much and not paying enough attention to him.
Jan - August 2015: Things were becoming more and more difficult, especially the computer problems, passwords, my health, Jakes attitude and some employees seemed to stop working. I know now Jake was telling them horrible stories about me and telling them not to work. I could not have seen this at all because anytime I got ahead just a little bit for a break some files would disappear or jake would create an incident that would require all my attention. Again I remember at the tie thinking how hostile Jake was being but I just felt he was jealous of me not paying enough attention to him. Even worse I was growing further and further away from my family, Jake had expressed his feelings, that he was my partner and he should be what I loved most and gave priority over so much so that I did not even go to my own brothers funeral. 
In this 7-month period we traveled to South Korea, Bangkok Thailand, South Africa, Hawaii, Montreal Canada (I had pneumonia and sneezed so hard I fell on the bed and could not move - I had cracked 2 ribs), Los Angeles twice, Chicago, Maine, Santiago Chile, Argentia Wine Regions (these tickets were given to us by a subscriber to the  magazine) Hong Kong, Singapore (July 2015 and interviewed someone for a position at the magazine). In early August Jake asked me to plan a trip for his sister and husband to France for a wine tasting week, then followed that he wanted us to go with them. But at this point, we were on our way to Los Angeles for sales meetings and I told him we could discuss another time, I need to prepare as we were meeting our two sales managers there and I wanted to be ready, I always fly a day earlier.
Aug 18, 2015: It was day three of a miserable visit, no one was prepared, no one had set up any meetings as told other than mine, Jake had his computer but said he forgot the itinerary (this was very odd afterm10 yrs.) so this left me doing others peoples work if I wanted it done. Meanwhile, Jake and our crew were eating out and going out together (upscale establishments) almost like a vacation. I became the bad guy for being late to dinner or not coming with, this was just unbelievable.
On this day the hotel was full so we had to find other accommodations this also fell in my lap we were able to get a large house on AirBNB and since that would not be ready till late afternoon I had no choice but to join them for early afternoon drinks. That was a long afternoon, then Jake and employee-1 left me to take care of drunk employee-2 (this was a nightmare trying to keep this person quiet holding them up spilling all over me) while they took our luggage to the house. They picked us up and we went directly to the restaurant that had about an hour wait time.
For many reasons I needed to go to the house and change my clothing I asked Jake for his phone so I could use his app he would not allow it telling me I was fine the way I was, I insisted and it just made things worse.
One thing I do notice now (he pulled this several times) is that when we were in public around people we knew he would start whispering nasty things to me, things he knew I was incredibly sensitive of, knowing I would reply in a loud protective voice only to realize someone was standing right behind me. This would happen twice on this night, Jake told me to download the app yourself. One of my employees giving me very inappropriate relationship advice loudly, I just walked away avoiding embarrassment.  I downloaded the app only to find the 3 credit cards in my wallet were maxed out or not being approved, the same thing happened at the ATM. I called the bank and waited while they fixed my card so I could get money. The home had an unattached finished garage like a man hangout or something and I locked myself in there for the remainder of the trip.
I never handled any finances thru-out the relationship so the only account numbers or information I had available was limited to the cards I had and all three of them told me I was not authorized to get any information without a verbal password, one of them told me I should know it since they had been put on back in January. I had been locked out of my own finances.
August 19 - 20: Jake and I argued via text and email over why I could not access accounts, he would never just answer a question or why he was doing it. Everything would always revert to me: I was overreacting, imagining things, I needed to rest. this turned into Your not well, you need mental help, you should check in to the hospital for 3-days.

**I now know he was and is gaslighting me. While I did not know these were huge signs of Financial Abuse and Emotional Abuse all of these things continue to happen with the help of the NYC Civil Court, NYPD, the district attorney, Jake attorneys, Stalking, monitoring, spying, controlling me by way of computer hacking.
I desperately need help but can not get it from any Law Enforcement agency, Attorney General or my Government officials.

Aug. 20th: The two of us flew home to New York, I cried pretty much the entire flight home while he refused to speak to me just playing games on his phone. When we landed we took a car home and he left to stay at our other apartment 10 blocks away. Jake always kept all financial files in perfect order so I took a quick peek and then decided to get some work done and just rest, I was deeply depressed and lonely, I did not have anyone to call.

**NYPD #1
Aug. 21st, 2015: Jake was coming home at noon and bringing food to prepare lunch for me and I added we could talk about the finances. I waited watching TV, he arrived at 2 pm and insisted I just sit on the couch. I asked if we could talk but Jake was hungry and told me to just sit. Jake offered Adam a fresh mango juice cocktail and I asked again "can I just look at your computer" he said no if you ask again I will leave, I said no "please don't leave we need to talk" as I finished my drink I felt extremely drowsy. I sat on the couch and my body was like a rock and I could not keep my eyes open but I could hear in the background Jake calling the police stating that he was being held, hostage. I just slept I am not sure how long it was but when I woke up he was sitting in the dining area playing games or texting and drinking cola. I said I would be right back "I need fresh air" he ran and jumped in front of me and said not till the police get here. I did not understand why the police were coming or who would ever believe that I was holding him hostage so I called Citibank, for whatever was happening in my head its the only bank I could think of and asked them to put a hold on our accounts till we could both come in; this was my idea of getting Jake to talk.

The NYPD arrived, in the 17 years we have known each other we never had reason to call the policeThe police made Adam stand against the wall.  They let Jake get anything he wanted from the apartment before departing.  Adam had to stay at the wall while Jake got suspicious items (documents, hard drives, memory sticks) and Adam was not permitted to see what Jake was taking with him. I heard Jake tell the officer to "run his drivers license" and yes they ran my information I found this very odd and they never ran Jakes information and I never got to see what he put into his backpack.
Evidence NYPD #1:Adam found out that Jake was texting with his sister about the situation in reverse, also chatting about booze and Jake needed to get his money.Adam also found that Jake went to an adult men's sex club before going to his sisters, that not to embarrass but rather to ask is this what one does after being held, hostage?  

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